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An additional license is required to access Omnichannel for Customer service. For more information, see the Dynamics Customer Service program token overview and Dynamics Customer Service pricing plan pages.

To authenticate a customer when they initiate a chat, pass an authentication token to Omnichannel for Customer Service. This token is used to validate a signed-in customer from a domain, and to extract information based on the context variables that are program token.

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Custom authentication is optional and is relevant only when hosting the chat widget outside Power Apps portals. Only primitive values are allowed for any key.

Tranzactii bancare online in siguranta Siguranta tranzactiilor tale reprezinta pentru Raiffeisen Bank o prioritate maxima. Securitatea serviciului de internet banking Pasi de autentificare pentru acces in maxima securitate Serviciul de internet banking, Raiffeisen Online, incorporeaza cele mai moderne si mai sigure tehnologii anti-frauda. Pasii de autentificare si de autorizare sunt securizati prin utilizarea unor dispozitive hardware tokenpersonalizate pentru fiecare client.

The keys of custom context must correspond to context variables that are program token for the associated work stream in Omnichannel for Customer Service. The authentication token provider would be invoked by live chat widget when starting a new chat.

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The SDKs related to authentication token provider are applicable only if authentication is enabled for the widget. To enable authentication for your widget, see Create chat authentication settings.

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More information: setAuthTokenProvider. Listen to the lcw:ready event raised program token a live chat before calling the live chat SDK methods.

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The live chat methods should be invoked after the lcw:ready event is raised. You can listen for this event by adding your own event listener on the window object.

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Once the lcw:ready event is raised, register an authentication token provider with live chat by using the setAuthTokenProvider method. Note To avoid timeout, the authTokenProvider function in the setAuthTokenProvider method must respond within 10 seconds.

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Use startChat SDK to initiate a chat.