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fucers opțiuni binare

Sunteți pe pagina 1din 2 Căutați în document 1. What is Computer? Describe the Characteristics of PC. Why Information Systems is Needed? Describe the Characteristics of Information Systems.

Describe The Generations of Computer.

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Why should a manager study about Information System? Describe 4 primary components of a Computer System 8. Describe the Classification of Computers. What is Central Processing Unit? How data is Transforming into Information?

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Describe the Factors Affecting Computer Speed. What is storage device? Explain the benefits of Secondary Storage devices. What to look while purchasing your own PC? What is Application Software?

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What is SUIT? Describe fucers opțiuni binare task oriented software. What is Business Software? What is Operating System? Describe 3 activities of an IS. What is CBIS? Describe why Organization, Management and Information Technology must have understanding to use Information Systems effectively.


Describe Different Kinds of Systems available in the levels of an organization. Describe Six Major Types of Systems. What is Information Architecture? Why Information Architecture is needed?

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Define Information System and the Organization. What is Marketing Mix? What is HRIS?


What is data communication? Describe the Requirements of Network. Identify the users of network. Define the requirements of network. Define Types of Network Servers. Describe Network Fucers opțiuni binare and Hardware for telecommunication. Describe the Works of Networking. What is Electronic Commerce? Describe major environmental responsibilities of the functional areas of e-Commerce.

What is Business Intelligence? Describe Basic Intelligence Tasks. Describe the Benefits of IOS. Describe Electronic Commerce Technology. What is Security and Privacy?

Describe the Characteristics of Computer Crime.

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What is Internet? Interese conexe.