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Option (finance)

Background[ edit ] Sellers of option contracts often hedge them to create delta neutral portfolios.

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The objective is to minimize risk due to the movement of the underlier's price, while implementing whatever strategy led to the sale of the options in the first place. For instance, a seller of a call may hedge by buying just enough of the underlier to create a delta neutral portfolio.

As time passes, the option seller adjusts his hedge position by buying or selling some quantity of the underlier to counteract changes in the price of the underlier. At expiration, usually either the option is in the moneyand the seller has bought or sold enough of the underlier to satisfy his obligation under the option contract, or the option is out of the moneyand the option will expire worthless, and the seller of the option would have no position in the underlier.

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However, the cost to the option buyer of exercising the option is not zero. For instance, the buyer's broker may charge transaction fees to exercise the option to buy or sell the underlier.

Cumpărați 2 contracte futures pe stoc la Cumpărați 5 opțiuni de cumpărare de preț de lansare la câte 0. Când piața scade, aveți o pierdere pe baza de bază, dar aveți un profit mai mare asupra opțiunilor deoarece delta lor a crescutdeci din nou aveți un profit net. Dacă vindeți scurt opțiunile de bază pentru a cumpăra și cumpărați poziția dvs. Când piața scade, aveți un profit pe suport, dar, din nou, aveți o pierdere mai mică asupra opțiunilor delta lor a scăzutdeci aveți în continuare un profit net. Când faceți acest tip de tranzacționare neutră în delta, trebuie să respectați câteva reguli: Începeți întotdeauna poziția cu o deltă de poziție totală de zero sau cât mai aproape de zero posibil.

If these costs are greater than the amount the option is in the money, the owner of the option may rationally choose not to exercise. Thus, the option seller may end up with an unexpected position in the underlier and thus risk losing value if the underlier's price delta neutru opțiuni de strategie moves adversely before the option seller can eliminate this delta neutru opțiuni de strategie, perhaps not until the next trading day.

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The costs of exercise differ from trader to trader, and therefore the option seller may not be able to predict whether the options will be exercised or not. In fact, only 49 of the contracts are exercised, meaning that the trader must buy shares of the underlier. If at the close on Friday, October 19, the trader's position in XYZ stock was short 7, shares, then on Monday, October 22, the trader would still be short shares, instead of flat as the trader had hoped.

The trader must now buy back these shares in order to avoid being exposed to risk that XYZ will increase in price. Management of pin risk[ edit ] On the day that an option expires—for U.

A small movement of the underlier's price through the strike e.

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For instance, if an option goes from being in the money to out of the money, the trader must rapidly trade enough of the underlier so that the position after expiration will be flat. These calls are out of the money and therefore will expire opțiuni de gestionare a riscurilor at this price.

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These options are now in the money, and the trader will now want to exercise them. This is done so that the trader will be flat IBM stock after expiration. The calls are now out of the money, and the trader must quickly buy back the stock.

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Option traders with a broad portfolio of options can be very busy on Expiration Friday. Pinning of a stock to a particular strike can be exploited by options traders.

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One way is to sell both a put and a call struck at the pinned value. As noted above, stocks can break their pin and move off the strike, so the trader must keep a careful eye on his positions.

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In this market, the last available price of the underlier, which is used to determine whether an option is automatically exercised, is the price of the regular-hours trade reported last to the Options Clearing Corporation at or before pm ET on the Friday before expiration. This trade will have occurred during normal hours, i. It can be any size and come from any participating exchange. The OCC reports this price tentatively at pm, but, to allow time for exchanges to correct errors the OCC does not make the price official until pm.